Project archives

This page lists old personal projects that used to keep me busy. Most of those were toy projects that can be considered as done or in which I lost interest. Everything here is left unmaintained.

lemonad (2019)

A Java library providing minimal and composable monads for common tasks such as pipelining computations or validating value objects.

Gzip-like LZSS compressor (2018)

A toy implementation of a simple gzip-like LZSS text compressor written in Nim.

JaCoCo Report Viewer (2018)

An in-browser code coverage report viewer accepting JaCoCo XML report files.

Little C-like compiler (2018)

A compiler for a C-like programming language built using the old Flex and Bison tokenizer and parser generator.

Unlimited Register Machine simulator (2018)

An abstract Unlimited Register Machine simulator implemented in the functional programming language OCaml.

Mock memory pager (2018)

Simple memory paging strategy simulator made with Python.

Wall-j the Space Cleaner (2018)

A 2D puzzle game in which the player uses bombs to push garbage blocks away. Made in Java using JBox2D.

Delaunay morpher (2018)

Morphing animation generator based on Delaunay triangulations. Written in C.

XBlast (2016)

A network multiplayer Bomberman-like game written in Java.

Daedalus solver (2016)

A multi-strategy maze solver simulator written in Java.

Seam carving (2015)

A simple liquid image rescaling program written in Java.

Ninja local cloud (2015)

A local WebDAV-like server to be used with the Ninja HTML5 animation editor (now rewritten as Google Web Designer). Obsoleted by the HTML5 File API.

Museduino (2015)

Real-time audio transformer that plays an extracted melody back with another instrument. Written in C for the Arduino platform.

envcfg lib (2015)

A Go package mapping environment variables to structs and usable in conjunction with other configuration parsers.

MiniBay (2015)

Small auction web platform built with Scala and Play Framework.

WikiStats (2015)

Wikipedia contribution statistics aggregator written in Python.

FPGA home automation (2014)

A home automation platform implemented as a digital electronic circuit in VHDL.

io-slides-remote and What’s the point? (2014)

A web presentation frameworks which enable a speaker to read their notes and control a slideshow on and from a tablet or a smartphone. The first implementation was a fork of the Google I/O 2013 presentation toolkit, and the second was rewritten from scratch, adding presentation generation from Markdown and use of Beamer PDFs.

Diffusion and Webcastor (2014)

A simple websocket broadcast server to be used with io-slides-remote and What's the point?. First implemented in Go, then with NodeJS.

vparse lib (2014)

A simple Go vCalendar and vCard-like file parser.

ESIEEQuest (2014)

A point and click exploration game made with Java and Google Web Toolkit.

LabVIEW Music Player (2014)

A silly MusicXML/MIDI player made with LabVIEW which plays music on lab signal generators.

Foldaweb (2013)

A static website generator based on block override. I now prefer the more flexible Pelican and Hugo.

StaticWeb (2013)

A basic multi-domain static file web server using the Go http package. I now simply use nginx instead.

fcmd lib (2013)

A convenience Go package proxying the standard file manipulation libraries, exposing shell-like named functions.